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   Streamripper skins      Download   
These are skins for the Winamp 2.x and Winamp 5.x version of Streamripper. Streamripper for Winamp3 uses the defined plugin skin from the Winamp skin itself. If you really want to use these skins with Winamp3 it's possible: use the 'Winamp 2x Plugin Manager' for Winamp3 with Streamripper for Winamp 2.x installed - it can be a bit tricky, not recommended.

   How to submit skins   
Send a mail to with:
  • your srskin .bmp file named srskin_something. If the srskin is made to fit with a Winamp skin it should be named after it
  • your author-name, this will be used on the webpage as the name for the creator of the srskin. It is also a good idea to use the leftover space to the right in the srskin .bmp-file for this name and perhaps a copyright date
  • if your srskin is based on the look of a Winamp skin please include the name or a link to the Winamp skin or include the Winamp skin .wsz-file
  • A screenshot, preferably in .png format
Apologies to those who had difficulties submitting skins during the dark years (2004-2006), after noderunner left. If you resend your skins to me (Greg), I'll try to get them posted.

   srskin      The original Streamripper skin   
This is the default skin which comes with the plugin for Winamp 2.x. In case you've lost it and want it back it's available for download.

  Download skin     Made by Jon   

   Installing skins in version 1.54 and upwards   
Simply uncompress the skin, and place the bmp file in the 'Winamp\Skins\SrSkins' folder. Use 'Options' in the Streamripper window and select the 'Skins' tab, select the skin and click 'Ok'.

   Installing skins in older Streamripper versions   
Rename the skin to srskin.bmp (if it's not already called that) and place it in your 'Winamp\Plugins' folder. You'll notice that there is already a file named srskin.bmp there: that's the default streamripper skin, just overwrite that file with the new one you just downloaded, or rename the old srskin.bmp to something else and put the new one in it's place.

   Please note...   
Dark skins seem darker and less detailed than they really are due to the bright 'environment' of the current Streamripper website design.

The same applies to the general environment and colors you choose to use on your local 'deskspace': if you want to use dark skins they will probably look better in a dark environment, and for bright skins a bright environment.

   srskin_axon      PeSSouZiX's srskin_axon skin   
Here's the srskin_axon for StreamRipper, based on the AXONKOLOR VS by UAC-Marine (for visual style). The zip file for the skin includes a skin for winamp (zip and wsz), "axon_amp", whose original is AXONCOLOR by Blade-Bunny that was slightly changed.

   srskin_flyamp      Blackfly78's srskin_flyamp skin   
A beautiful skin by Blackfly78, perfect for the dark deskdop.

   srskin_BigBento      Kommissar's srskin_BigBento skin   
A new skin, matching 100% the Winamp Big Bento skin.

  Download skin    Default Winamp skin      Made by Kommissar   

   srskin_catalyst      Saqwertz's srskin_catalyst skin   
This skin matches the winamp Catalyst skin ( The buttoms are taken and a bit modified from srskin_bluew2k made by Booberbreak.

   srskin_bentoEvilRed      o2dazone's srskin_bentoEvilRed skin   
This skin matches the Evil Red color theme for the default Bento skin.

  Download skin    Default Winamp skin      Made by o2dazone   

   srskin_cPro_WinampVista      Andrei Vaino's srskin_cPro_WinampVista skin   
A cool Vista themed skin with matching winamp skin.

   srskin_Mangeese      Mangeese's srskin_Mangeese skin   
A skin for the dark environment. Also check out (youtube/Mangeese).

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Mangeese   

   srskin_My_Gray      Mariusz Grzeszkiewicz's srskin_My_Gray skin   
A classic gray skin from Mariusz Grzeszkiewicz.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Mariusz Grzeszkiewicz   

   srskin_WMP_11VZ      Marten Lemke's srskin_WMP_11VZ skin   
This skin is made for the WinAmp-skin "Windows Media Player 11" (WMP11.wal) by Vadim Zhukov.

   srskin_Darkness      Bob Cheez's srskin_Darkness skin   
A dark and smoky skin from Bob Cheez.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Bob Cheez   

   srskin_PSPbyEpoxi      Epoxi's srskin_PSPbyEpoxi skin   
Another great skin by Epoxi, based on the Sony PSP, but only says "Sony" so it can be interpreted as a piece of hi-fi equipment as well. See his web site at (

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Epoxi   

   srskin_Barracuda_Style      JVC's srskin_Barracuda_Style skin   
A smooth and beautiful skin, matching the Barracuda Winamp skin by "ax nc".

   srskin_sash      sash[spb-studio]'s srskin_sash skin   
A new look for winamp classic (complete with matching winamp skin).

  Download skin    Download Winamp skin      Made by sash[spb-studio]   

   srskin_newklear      vixenfinder's srskin_newklear skin   
Another skin by vixenfinder!

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by vixenfinder   

   srskin_Byte      angelfarto's srskin_Byte skin   
Completely stolen from the Byte skin for xmplay by KelticDanor.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by angelfarto   

   srskin_n3on      drdigital's srskin_n3on skin   
This skin matches the colorful n3on skin.

   srskin_bento_brighter      PhunkMaZ's srskin_bento_brighter skin   
A skin to fit the default Bento Brighter theme which comes with Winamp 5.

  Download skin    Default Winamp skin      Made by PhunkMaZ   

   srskin_mmd3_blue      Ntoni's srskin_mmd3_blue skin   
Another MMD3 skin, based on the design of Fishboy and Ch'Ih-Yu. This one is for the blue MMD Winamp.

   srskin_bento_city_night_2      vic's srskin_bento_city_night_2 skin   
A great looking bento city skin.

  Download skin    Default Winamp skin      Made by vic   

   srskin_darkmateria      gh0st's srskin_darkmateria skin   
This skin for Streamripper is made from the Dark Materia Winamp skin by Mikael Jansson ( Looks great with the matching winamp skin.

   srskin_royale_black      illegal's srskin_royale_black skin   
This Streamripper skin is based on the look of the Royale Black Winamp skin by tool-hippy (, which is based on the Windows visual style by grrinder (

   srskin_mmd3_chihyu      Ch'Ih-Yu's srskin_mmd3_chihyu skin   
An update to fishboy's mmd3 skin, with new captions and buttons.

   srskin_darkmin      fabian's srskin_darkmin skin   
A great new skin for streamripper from Fabian.

  Download skin    No Winamp skin      Made by fabian   

   srskin_hcdev      Zoozley's srskin_hcdev skin   
A cool skin from Zoozley to match the classic hcdev skin for winamp.

   srskin_VistaInspirat      DJtef's srskin_VistaInspirat skin   
A skin inspired by Vista.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by DJtef   

   srskin_technics_01      Andrea Rosciano's srskin_technics_01 skin   
A skin to match the Technics skin of Winamp (Technics_SC-EH790EP-S_v10.wsz)

   srskin_bentoRoyalBlack      cmonster52's srskin_bentoRoyalBlack skin   
This skin matches the "bento" skin of Winamp 5.5 with identical colors, buttons, etc. to match the Royal Black color scheme.

  Download skin    Default Winamp skin      Made by cmonster52   

   srskin_BentoStyle      Yom's srskin_BentoStyle skin   
Another great skin for the new Winamp Bento.

  Download skin    Default Winamp skin      Made by Yom   

   srskin_BlacknBlue      NightWarrior's srskin_BlacknBlue skin   
This nice skin is a mix of the AlienGUIse-Theme XenoMorph for Windows and the Winamp 5.5 Bento skin.

  Download skin    Default Winamp skin      Made by NightWarrior   

   srskin_RIP      PeSSouZiX's srskin_RIP skin   
Another skin by PeSSouZiX. Based on the R.I.P 2007 Suite by Mike Bryant:

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by PeSSouZiX   

   srskin_sony2a      Christian Habermueller's srskin_sony2a skin   
This skin is based on the winamp skin My_First_Sony by Tibi Ardelean. Sadly, you cannot download the first version (only the 2nd). Click on the link below for the matching winamp skin.

  Download skin    Download Winamp skin      Made by Christian Habermueller   

   srskin_bigbento      Eckhard's srskin_Eckhards_bigbento skin   
This skin matches the "big bento" skin of Winamp 5.5 with identical colours, buttons, etc. The moving bars during the ripping process match with the frequency amplitude bars of the Winamp player.

  Download skin    Default Winamp skin      Made by Eckhard   

   srskin_bento      Acid's srskin_bento skin   
A skin for the new Winamp 5.5 skin (Bento).

  Download skin    Default Winamp skin      Made by Acid   

   srskin_anime_v2      Fadich's srskin_anime_v2 skin   
Anime Skin v2 for Streamripper. Another try of skinning for best ripper from internet radio stations. "Not for sale or rent" as fansubbers say.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Fadich   

   srskin_love      BSL Musiky's srskin_love skin   
New look for your Streamripper.
More skins at

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by BSL Musiky   

   srskin_windo      BSL Musiky's srskin_windo skin   
New look for your Streamripper.
More skins at

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by BSL Musiky   

   srskin_colors      BSL Musiky's srskin_colors skin   
New look for your Streamripper.
More skins at

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by BSL Musiky   

   srskin_Vista_vs3      Markus Fedel's srskin_Vista_vs3 skin   
Something to match the Vista style.

   srjoe      Joseph Infinitus's srjoe skin   
Nice skin, with geometric icons.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Joseph Infinitus   

   Elemental_Earth_      Vixenfinder's Elemental_Earth_ skin   
Nice clean skin.

   MRE Renaissance      Dave's MRE Renaissance skin   
Cool streamripper skin styled after the MRE_Renaissance winamp skin.

   NightVision      Miroslav P.'s NightVision skin   
A nice skin. WINAMP 5xx modern skin NightVision for streamripper by Miroslav P. CZECH REPUBLIC.

  Download skin    Default Winamp skin      Made by Miroslav P.   

   Coffee Black      Jerom's Coffee Black skin   
Just like coffee with cream. Based on the "Coffee Black" winamp skin (by Alex Flaming 2003) and Funkkybebel's Bluemateria skin for streamripper.

   mmd3      fishboy's mmd3 skin   
Nice modern golden skin to match mmd3 theme.

   windows_mediaplayer11      Michael G.'s windows_mediaplayer11 skin   
A little Vista feeling for the SR. Based on the Media Player 11 v GIN skin.

   AquaX      Lennymaster's AquaX skin   
Another Aqua X skin!
Credits: Based on Magnus Anemo's IMAC skin for StreamRipper and Radoslaw Jamrog's MacOS skin for StreamRipper. Edited: Used the titlebar of Radoslaws Jamrog's skin and the main window of Magnus Anemo's skin. Edited the "play" button to a "record" button.

   Win95Amp      KaiRo's Win95Amp skin   
Matches the Winamp skin: Win95Amp

   BMW 7-series      debint21's BMW 7-series skin   
Inspired by the new BMW 7-series interior.

  Download skin    No Winamp skin      Made by debint21   

   SrSkin for NMP 10      Marten Lemke's SrSkin for NMP 10 skin   
This nifty skin is a perfect match for the Nullsoft Media Player 10 v4 by Pieter Nieuwoudt.

   srskin_Streamripper_Vista      Daddy Roach's srskin_Streamripper_Vista skin   
Cool Vista skin, inspired by the Vista winamp skin.

   srskin_anime_v1      Fadich's srskin_anime_v1 skin   
Mailto: fadich [at]
Comment: "Not for sale or rent" as fansubbers say. That`s because in anime i Trust! ^_^

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Fadich   

   srskin_WinampClassic      Susie Day's srskin_WinampClassic skin   
A classic skin for winamp classic.

  Download skin    Default Winamp skin      Made by Susie Day   

   srskin_destructamp      PeSSouZiX's srskin_destructamp skin   
based on destructamp-remix skin for winamp 2x by asbestos:

   srskin_Multipass      D4N73's srskin_Multipass skin   
From D4N73:
I've made this skin, based on the "Multipass" - skin of "Peter Clark", colored like the "hammerhead - blue and silver" scheme
You may get it right here :
... questions, suggestions to :      Jonas "Trekz" Michaelsen's skin   
Another great skin, this is by Trekz.

  Download skin    No Winamp skin      Made by Jonas "Trekz" Michaelsen   

   srskin_masix      Fabian Ruf's srskin_masix skin   
The masix skin. Looking good!

  Download skin    No Winamp skin      Made by Fabian Ruf   

   srskin_Cubaed03      F. Freiwald's srskin_Cubaed03 skin   
This skin matches the Cubaed03 skin for winamp. Nice.

   srskin_iTunes_6_Winamp      Timo Letsch's srskin_iTunes_6_Winamp skin   
Another great skin. This one matches the iTunes 6 skin for winamp.

   srskin_GUI_vixenfinder      vixenfinder's srskin_GUI_vixenfinder skin   
A beautiful skin, inspired by this desktop theme

  Download skin    No Winamp skin      Made by vixenfinder   

   srskin_vista_01      Lizardman's srskin_vista_01 skin   
A SR theme based on the Vista_01 theme by dragan jarni

   srskin_iplay_bluelight      Raul Magano's srskin_iplay_bluelight skin   
A mod of "steal this amp" that matches the iPlay skin.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Raul Magano   

   figur      Bass Slass's figur skin   
No comment. More skins at Bass Slass's web page.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Bass Slass   

   Firefox      Bass Slass's Firefox skin   
A skin for the best browser.

   Orange3D      Bass Slass's Orange3D skin   
See Bass's web page for more skins: Bass Slass's web page.

   Ovniblue      Bass Slass's Ovniblue skin   
No comment.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Bass Slass   

   serpen      Bass Slass's serpen skin   
See Bass's web page for more skins: Bass Slass's web page.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Bass Slass   

   superman      Bass Slass's superman skin   
Superman needs an srskin.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Bass Slass   

   Elvis      Bass Slass's Elvis skin   
A skin to remember Elvis.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Bass Slass   

   Desert      Bass Slass's Desert skin   
More skins at Bass Slass's web page.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Bass Slass   

   coonejit      Bass Slass's coonejit skin   
No comment.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Bass Slass   

   claris      Bass Slass's Claris skin   
No comment.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Bass Slass   

   caniky      Bass Slass's caniky skin   
No comment.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Bass Slass   

   bolit      Bass Slass's bolit skin   
Simple skin.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Bass Slass   

   Blue3D      Bass Slass's Blue3D skin   
Simply skin blue.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Bass Slass   

   Bellass      Bass Slass's Bellass skin   
A skin for a beautiful girl. More skins at Bass Slass's web page.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Bass Slass   

   srskin_akvista      Andreas Katzig's AKVista skin   
Another clean skin. This fits Aero- or Vista-styled skins, and was inspired by the XP-Theme called "Longhorn".

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Andreas Katzig   

   srskin_bullfrog      HoneyBee's bullfrog skin   
This matches the winamp color theme "Bullfrog"

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by HoneyBee   

   srskin_1980      don.mombasa's 1980 skin   
Another great skin.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by don.mombasa   

   srskin_Reluna_GANT      PeSSouZiX's Reluna GANT skin   
This skin comes with a description from the author. There are two matching winamp skins.

Un skin GANT pour StreamRipper, inspiré du thème Reluna Bluetiful de Bant pour Visual Style et du pack d'icons GANT Stock et Mano GANT 2 de Mattahan. Ce skin sera très bien assorti avec ces 2 skins classiques pour Winamp 2 à 5:
- Reluna winamp 2 skin de KoL (
- Relunamp GANT de Danke (

   srskin_grafikz      Grafik000's grafikz skin   
A beautiful skin.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Grafik000   

   srskin_MonoDark      Kommissar's MonoDark skin   
This skin matches winamp modern with the MonoDark color scheme!

  Download skin    Default Winamp skin      Made by Kommissar   

   srskin_winampmodern_haxbox      Michael G.'s Haxbox skin   
This skin matches winamp modern with the haxbox color scheme!

  Download skin    Default Winamp skin      Made by Michael G.   

   srskin_Panasonic_Old_Style      Carsten Elste's Panasonic Old Style skin   
More nice skins!

   srskin_Nucleo_REVO      Carsten Elste's Nucleo REVO skin   
More nice skins!

   srskin_Major_Tom      Carsten Elste's Major Tom skin   
More nice skins!

   srskin_gerbaseskin      Carsten Elste's Winamp 2.91c Deutsch skin   
More nice skins!

   srskin_winampmodern-alt      Norman Rasmussen's Winamp Modern skin   
A nice skin. A mod of 5cubed's skin.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Norman Rasmussen   

   srskin_energy_amplifier      Markus's Energy Amplifier skin   
A nice skin.

   srskin_xp_corporate      Markus's XP-Corporate Silver skin   
A nice skin.

   srskin_syrogenesis      plaidphantom2's syrogenesis skin   
A nice skin.

   srskin_bluemateria      Funkkybebel's Bluemateria skin   
Includes a matching Winamp skin.

   srskin_c64      Snoopy88's c64 skin   
This skin is highly blue!

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Snoopy88   

   srskin_EVANESCENCE      Snoopy88's EVANESCENCE skin   
An Evanescence skin.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Snoopy88   

   srskin_notepad      Snoopy88's notepad skin   
Makes me want to edit.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Snoopy88   

   srskin_noteskin      Snoopy88's noteskin skin   
More camouflage for the work environment?

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Snoopy88   

   srskin_Smokey_Metal_Blue      Snoopy88's Smokey_Metal_Blue skin   
A Smokey Metal Blue skin.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Snoopy88   

   srskin_Smokey_Metal_Green      Snoopy88's Smokey_Metal_Green skin   
No screenshot.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Snoopy88   

   srskin_Smokey_Metal_Orange      Snoopy88's Smokey_Metal_Orange skin   
No screenshot.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Snoopy88   

   srskin_Smokey_Metal_Purple      Snoopy88's Smokey_Metal_Purple skin   
No screenshot.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Snoopy88   

   srskin_Smokey_Metal_Red      Snoopy88's Smokey_Metal_Red skin   
No screenshot.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Snoopy88   

   srskin_Smokey_Metal_Yellow      Snoopy88's Smokey_Metal_Yellow skin   
No screenshot.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Snoopy88   

   srskin_Carpenter      Snoopy88's Carpenter skin   
Made for the Carpenter Winamp skin.

   srskin_FlatOAmp      Snoopy88's FlatOAmp skin   
Made for the FlatOAmp Winamp skin.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Snoopy88   

   srskin_garfield      Snoopy88's Garfield skin   
Made for the Garfield Winamp skin.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Snoopy88   

   srskin_Line      Snoopy88's Line skin   
Made for the Line Winamp skin.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Snoopy88   

   srskin_Snoopy_Red      Snoopy88's Snoopy Red skin   
Made for the Snoopy Red Winamp skin.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Snoopy88   

   srskin_Sony CDX-MP3      Carsten Elste's Sony_CDX-MP3 skin   
Made for the Sony_CDX-MP3 Winamp skin.

   srskin_Steal_This_Amp      Carsten Elste's Steal_This_Amp skin   
Made for the Steel_This_Amp Winamp skin.

   srskin_Xterm      Dan Smith's Xterm skin   
Camoflage for the workspace environment? ;)

  Download skin    No Winamp skin      Made by Dan Smith   

   srskin_blizzard_2      Cheshire Cat ^..^'s Blizzard (subversion 2) skin   
Like the first version but with faint oulining of the text.

  Download skin    Download Winamp skin      Made by Cheshire Cat ^..^   

   srskin_blizzard_1      Cheshire Cat ^..^'s Blizzard (subversion 1) skin   
For the Winamp Blizzard skin :)

  Download skin    Download Winamp skin      Made by Cheshire Cat ^..^   

   srskin_ClearRip      GMKrullen's Pocketamp skin   
Made to fit the popular Pocketamp Clear skin :)

   srskin_winampmodern      5cubed Creative Media's modern skin   
Wow, this really looks modern :) Designed to match the new default Winamp Modern skin that comes bundled with Winamp 5

  Download skin    Default Winamp skin      Made by 5cubed Creative Media   

   srskin_nonstep      Nobby Nobbs's non|step skin   
This skin is made to fit/based upon the original nonstep litestep theme (google for "nonstep litestep" to find the theme and/or "litestep" for the gui shell itself).

   srskin_kenwood_z919      Librium's Kenwood Z919 skin   
A skin fitting the Kenwood Z919 Winamp skin.

   srskin_macos      Radoslaw Jamrog's MacOS skin   
A skin fitting the Aqua X Winamp skin.

   srskin_kalak_amp_5      Cheshire Cat ^..^'s KalaK (subversion 4) skin   
4th of 4 variations, this one again with faint lines above and below the text.

  Download skin    Download Winamp skin      Made by Cheshire Cat ^..^   

   srskin_kalak_amp_4      Cheshire Cat ^..^'s KalaK (subversion 3) skin   
3rd of 4 variations.

  Download skin    Download Winamp skin      Made by Cheshire Cat ^..^   

   srskin_kalak_amp_3      Cheshire Cat ^..^'s KalaK (subversion 2) skin   
2nd of 4 variations, this one has a faint lines above and below the text.

  Download skin    Download Winamp skin      Made by Cheshire Cat ^..^   

   srskin_kalak_amp_2      Cheshire Cat ^..^'s KalaK (subversion 1) skin   
1st of 4 variations.

  Download skin    Download Winamp skin      Made by Cheshire Cat ^..^   

   srskin_kalak_amp_1      Wortal's KalaK skin   
Made for the KalaK Winamp skin.

   srskin_ituned      Djoimania's iTuned skin   
A Stremripper skin for the iTuned Winamp skin.

   srskin_hifi3      Djoimania's HiFi3 skin   
A Stremripper skin for the HiFi3 Winamp skin.

   srskin_c10k      epik x's C10k skin   
Nice & clean with the Winamp skin to go.

   srskin_colony      Patrick Sleur's Colony skin   
Made for the Colony Winamp skin, we'll add the Winamp skin when we find/get it :)

  Download skin    No Winamp skin      Made by Patrick Sleur   

   srskin_tekkno_amp      Patrick Dahm's Tekkno skin   
Cool skin.

  Download skin    No Winamp skin      Made by Patrick Dahm   

   srskin_w2000      Sascha Simonovic's w2000 skin   
Made to fit the w2000 Winamp skin.

  Download skin    Download Winamp skin      Made by Sascha Simonovic   

   srskin_zeus      Gums's Zeus skin   
Made for the Zeus Winamp skin with it's lovely green colour :)

   srskin_winamp3      Laurent Renard's Winamp3 skin   
Another take on making Streamripper look alike the default Winamp3 skin. If you use this with Winamp2 you could try it with illusions667's Winamp skin (below) :)

  Download skin    No Winamp skin      Made by Laurent Renard   

   srskin_threefortwo      illusions667's Winamp3 for 2 skin   
Fun stuff, make your Winamp 2.x and Streamripper look like the Winamp3 default skin. The Winamp skin is made by illusions667 as well as tons of skins for plugins located here and here.

   srskin_sumea_v2blue      Ma Gu's Sumea skin   
A smooth and pleasant skin for the Sumea Winamp skin. This one has been updated once since the original posting.

   srskin_Expensive_Hi-Fi_2      Servwen's Expensive Hi-Fi skin   
The second of two skins made to blend in with the Expensive Hi-Fi Winamp skin. Servwen and Pablo Alvares both have good taste for sure :)

   srskin_Expensive_Hi-Fi_1      Pablo Alvares's Expensive Hi-Fi skin   
The first of two skins made to blend in with the Expensive Hi-Fi Winamp skin. Pablo Alvares and Servwen must be telepatic twins seperated at birth :)

   srskin_denon-antique_5      Lokki Ikkol's second Denon Antique skin   
I wonder how many Denon skins we'll end up with in the end =)

   srskin_denon-antique_4      Lokki Ikkol's first Denon Antique skin   
Lokki has also made a few skins for the Denon Antique Winamp skin.

   srskin_denon-antique_3      Dirty H's Denon Antique skin   
Yet another skin made to fit beautifully with the Denon Antique Winamp skin.

   srskin_denon-antique_2      Servwen's Denon Antique skin   
The second of two skins made to fit beautifully with the Denon Antique Winamp skin.

   srskin_denon-antique_1      Pablo Alvares's Denon Antique skin   
The first of two skins made to fit beautifully with the Denon Antique Winamp skin.

   srskin_xp_silver      Cédric Menge's xp silver skin   
A skin made for the xp silver Winamp skin.

   srskin_bluew2k      Booberbreak's Blue skin   
Very, very blue.

   srskin_m4a1      ProfiKill3r's m4a1 skin   
A m4a1 skin.

  Download skin    No Winamp skin      Made by ProfiKill3r   

   srskin_kenwood_allora_xf      Servwen's Kenwood Allora Xf skin   
A skin made to fit beautifully with the Kenwood Allora Xf Winamp skin.

   srskin_Clinical      Noderunner's Clinical skin   
Official Clinical Streamripper skin for the Clinical Winamp skin.

   srskin_Audiere      Noderunner's Audiere skin   
Made to fit the Audiere Winamp skin.

   srskin_duo      Brad Candullo's duo skin   
A very nice (imo) skin named duo, hopefully Brad will make a Winamp skin to go with it.

  Download skin    No Winamp skin      Made by Brad Candullo   

   srskin_Winamp_2000      Norbert Armbruster's Winamp_2000 skin   
Made to fit the Winamp_2000 Winamp skin.

  Download skin    Download Winamp skin      Made by Norbert Armbruster   

   srskin_Aqua_X      Saladin's Aqua X skin   
Made to fit the Aqua X Winamp skin.

   srskin_WinRipperAmp      Jeremy-Chad Pulcifer's WinRipperAmp skin   
A pixel-for-pixel replica of the default Winamp 2.x skin.

  Download skin    Default Winamp skin      Made by Jeremy-Chad Pulcifer   

   srskin_LCD_Amp      D C's LCD_Amp skin   
Made to match the LCD_Amp Winamp skin.

   srskin_IMAC-skin      Magnus Anemo's IMAC skin   
Very nice skin.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Magnus Anemo   

   srskin_slamp      Philoader's slamp skin   
Clean open skin.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Philoader   

   srskin_Tex      Dower's Tex skin   
Dower's futuristic-looking skin.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Dower   

   srskin_hirsamp      Oliver Quandt's hirsamp skin   
"Bruised metal".

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Oliver Quandt   

   srskin_FissCore      Luiz Domingues's FissCore skin   
A nice black "soundsystem" skin.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Luiz Domingues   

   srskin_Sailor_Mercury      Jamie Tanner's Sailor Mercury Anime skin   
A Sailor Mercury anime skin.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Jamie Tanner   

   srskin_megly      Nathan Downey's megly skin   
Minimalistic & functional.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Nathan Downey   

   srskin_Spook      wscheel's Spook skin   
A very dark skin.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by wscheel   

   srskin_XP_Amp      Cédric Menge's XP skin   
A new XP-themed skin (great camuflage for those of you using XP at work...)

   srskin_XPAmp11      TLi's XPamp11 skin   
The first XP-inspired skin for Streamripper.

   srskin_xojekox      Jek's xojekox skin   
Radio-active rippin' ...

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by Jek   

   srskin_monkey      Jason Hygaard's Monkey Radio skin   
Smoooooth Monkey?

   srskin_escalate      Jerome David's Escalate skin   
Unusual brown skin.

   srskin_nucleo      Colin Snover's Nucleo_NLog skin   
One of two skins to go with the popular Winamp skin. Colin has also shared the .psd (Photoshop file) which is great for anyone wanting to pick up knowledge on skinning, you can download it seperately here.

   srskin_nlog      t v's Nucleo_NLog skin   
One of two skins to go with the popular Winamp skin.

   srskin_xtinction      unknown's Xtinction T Minus skin   
Made for the Xtinction T Minus Winamp skin.

   srskin_jose      unknown's Jose skin   
Very hot chick named Jose.

  Download skin    Winamp skin unknown      Made by unknown   

   srskin_winamp2      unknown's winamp2 skin   
Make Streamripper look like Winamp (five stars!).

  Download skin    Default Winamp skin      Made by unknown   

   srskin_winamp1      unknown's winamp1 skin   
Make Streamripper look like Winamp (sorta).

  Download skin    Default Winamp skin      Made by unknown   

   A special one ;)      unknown creator   
A skin for WINAMP that makes it look like Streamripper (hah)

  Download Winamp skin     Made by unknown   

   srskin_template      Colin's Streamripper Skinning Template   
Great help if you want to make your own skin. Now with PSD file! :)

  Download skin     Made by Colin   

   srskin_template_ramen-man      Randall Cordoba's Ramen Streamripper Skinning Template   
Another template file.

  Download skin     Made by Randall Cordoba   

   Check out 'History (Old News)' for older skins & info.   

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