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Welcome to the Streamripper home page, an Open Source (GPL) application that lets you record streaming mp3 to your hard drive

   News 2008/10/14      Disable anonymous posting on forum   
I had to disable anonymous posting from the forum, because we are already getting spam. Please create a sourceforge account if you want to post a message.
   News 2008/10/13      Streamripper 1.64 beta version   
I've uploaded a new streamripper version. As usual, you can download the package from the sourceforge site. The main update is the transition from the TRE (or native regex) library to PCRE in glib. This took a bit longer than expected, due to the necessity of making a custom version of glib that works with win98 (see note below).

Concerning the forum, it is not clear if I can ever restore the old forum (anyone like to give a try? please email!). Instead, I invite you to post to the streamripper forum, hosted by sourceforge, which I will be monitoring.
   News 2008/09/25      Problems with forum   
You may have noticed that the forum is no longer working. I was caught unaware that sourceforge was making sweeping changes to their web and shell services. My apologies. I will explain briefly the situation below.

Until now, streamripper had been using a standalone install of phpBB. About a week ago, sourceforge (seems to have) discontinued shell service. Without shell service, the standalone install is difficult to maintain. However, sourceforge also introduced a shared install of phpBB. In the long run, this is probably better.

I don't yet know if I can migrate the existing posts to the new forum software. I will try.

Furthermore, these changes broke my database script for managing the submissions for new skins. I will try to get this up and running again soon.

Thanks so much for your patience during this transition.
   News 2008/07/21      Delays for 1.63.6   
There is an issue with the glib library which has blocked progress on streamripper. As a result, it may take some time before this can be sorted out.

For the last couple of weeks, I've been trying to fix a problem related to upgrading the windows version of glib from 2.12 to 2.16. Basically what happened was that glib changed from the GNU implementation of iconv (which works fine on windows 98), to an implementation called win_iconv (which doesn't work on windows 98). I reported this bug here:

The windows glib maintainer (Tor Lillqvist) has indicated that he won't fix this bug, and that current glib won't work on windows 98. This puts me in a bit of a bind, because I have to figure out whether to freeze the glib version at 2.12 (which disallows use of PCRE), fork glib to make a custom version, or rewrite using a different compatibility layer.
   News 2008/05/04      Streamripper 1.63.0 Released   
Streamripper version 1.63.0 is released. New features include a configuration file for stored settings, ability to run the windows GUI application without running Winamp, and a new experimental silence detection method. Internal changes include a transition from wide characters to utf-8, a new dependency on glib, and separating the winamp plugin into a thin DLL and standalone EXE. Many bugs have been fixed, including crashes when reconnecting, checks for full disk conditions, percent-escaping of user names, parsing year and track from metadata, relative path in cue file, race conditions in relay server, id3 bug on 64-bit systems, and problems connecting to certain servers.

Download from the sourceforge page.

Thanks to everyone who tested and reported bugs!

Thanks also for all of the great patches for 1.62.X and 1.63 beta versions, Chris Rohlf, nn, Max Mutrix, Andrew Neitsch, Yoav, and capisce.

Tentative list of goals for 1.63.X series:
  • Fix problem with -a flag
  • Implement PCRE for parse rules
  • Skin improvements (fix single pixel problem, load compressed skins, etc)
  • Add "-o version" option
   News 2007/05/19      Streamripper 1.62.0 Released   
Streamripper version 1.62.0 is released. This is a major release, with (nearly) full support for unicode and character set transcoding.

Download from the sourceforge page.

Thanks to all the beta testers, Guenni and TTA, and everyone who submitted skins.

Thanks to everyone who submitted patches for 1.61 and 1.62 beta versions, including ASk, Ulf Harnhammer, John Spray, Les Smithson, Obiguan, Martin Bockwinkel, Michael Ablassmeier, Daniel Potts, 9EUvY5gQPB4=, bd, Albert Bachmann, Daniel Lord, Chris Pearson, and isverg.

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