Version 2.6

StreamRipper32 is published under GPL.

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What is StreamRipper32 ?

StreamRipper32 is a windows program which uses the streamripper lib written by Jon Clegg (and now modified by me!)...With it you can save off MP3 streams in their native MP3 format.  It was not intended to be used for any illegal or deceptive means, and please don't use it for such things.

How is it different from other stream rippers ?

Well, one unique thing about StreamRipper32 is it's ability to interpret metadata which allows it to save off the broadcast as separate and discrete MP3 tracks.  

Here is a screen shot of StreamRipper32 in action...


Well, it's pretty straightforward...Select a genre from the Genre dropdown and then hit the "Refresh List" button. This will then go out to Shoutcast ( and pull the streams and put them into the Listbox. Select a broadcast by double-clicking. This will put the IP address and Port in the appropriate boxes on the screen. You can also manually enter an IP and Port if you want to. To start ripping hit "Start Rip" (duh) and StreamRipper32 will try to connect to the broadcast and start ripping the stream. 

Note that for only broadcasts that support title streaming will you be able to rip to filenames based off the stream title..Otherwise it will rip to a filename based off the Stream Name (i.e. the Broadcast name). Broadcasts that *appear* to support title streaming will appear with a "Yes" in the track info field on the listbox. This is not a guarantee however, just a best guess...It still may not support title streaming even though it identifies it as supporting streaming titles... 

You will not be able to select another broadcast or start another ripping session while one is currently going on....Don't even try. Hitting the "OK" button closes the program. Make sure you put something in the "Output Directory" "C:\music" is good, but not supplying this is going to eventually frustrate the hell out of you. (where *is* my music going?)

Monitoring what is being ripped

Something that was added in the newest version of the streamripper lib is the ability to monitor what is being ripped in realtime.  If you were wondering what the "Relay port" settings were on the screen, this is what they are for.  If you set this to something other than 0 (0 disables the feature) then StreamRipper32 will create a locally running server which relays the data that is currently being ripped.  This means that if you want to listen to the stream you are currently ripping, then all you need to do is attach Winamp to this relay and start listening...A button was added which send winamp a .pls file with your relay settings so all you need to do is start up winamp and then click this button (Connect to Relay) and Winamp will start playing the stream being ripped. 

You *must* have winamp running to using this won't start it for you...sorry...

If you are having trouble getting this working, check to make sure that the port number you are specifying is not currently in use...try changing the port to different values and eventually you'll get one not in use...

Station/Song Matching

Only want to rip certain tracks off a particular station ? Well, use this new facility to do it...Lets say you wanted to have a copy of that long lost Metallica track that you had back in high school but lost when you moved off to college...And lets say you came across a station that you just know is going to play that track....With StreamRipper32's station/song matching you can configure it to only rip tracks that match substrings you enter...So in this case, you'd add a pattern match for the station you think is going to play your track and for the track pattern you'd enter "Metallica"...If you enable station/song matching, then when you click the "Rip away" button, it will only actually save the track if it matches your list of patterns...You can also specify "any_match" in either of the patterns that will always produce a match.  So if you wanted to download only Metallica songs from any station that you listen to, you'd put "any_match" for the Station pattern, and "Metallica" for the song patttern...Simple ? ya, well, maybe I'm not explaining it well, but I think you get the idea...anyway...enjoy this new feature!




Nothing to do! Just create a dir to hold it and copy the exe there.

ABOUT StreamRipper32:

StreamRipper32 is essentially a windows-based front end around the streamripper library created by Jon Clegg.  I had to modify it slightly to work best with Win32, but the core logic is preserved. He did an awesome job figureing out the logic behind this, and deserves all the credit he can get...


Updates :

Version 2.0

  • New release!

Version 2.1

  • shit...

Version 2.2

  • Modified streamripper lib to support both ID3V1 and ID3V2 (yay)...ID3V2 is a pain in the ass..just for the record.
  • Modified streamripper lib to optionally add a sequence number to the output...this is good for preserving the ordering from a ripped station.
  • Added configurable option to overwrite existing tracks.

Version 2.3

  • listbox now has sorting capability
  • Overwrite existing tracks now works properly! now all the DI listeners whos 100MB rips got overwritten due to network drops can now jump for joy...
  • new icon (the official Streamripper ICON!)

Version 2.4

  • Pattern matching! Read about it here

Version 2.4a

  • User Agent is now specifiable...If a stream is unrippable, then this is the key to getting it working...I cannot say any more..

Version 2.5

  • Added a few eye candy things, such as Minimize to System Tray.
  • New option to generate M3U playlists for ripping sessions..
  • reworked the station browsing...should work now.. :)
  • integrated jon's new streamripper lib
  • added freeform text search
  • new splash screen (Thanks Lithium!)

Version 2.6

  • Stupid parsing bug
  • added ability to disable the animated system tray icon