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   History      Streamripper   
Old news get archived here...

   News 2006/05/02      Audio Broadcast Flag Bill and PERFORM Act   
Please take a moment to educate yourself about a very dangerous proposal for legislation in the United States offered by Rep. Mike Ferguson (R-NJ), called the "Audio Broadcast Flag Licensing Act of 2006". If passed, this legislation would severely limit your rights to record and enjoy digital audio.

About the Audio Broadcast Flag Bill []

You probably also know about the PERFORM act, proposed by Senators Feinstein (D-CA) and Graham (R-SC). This proposal would require webcasters to use digital rights management (DRM) to encode the music streams, and would disallow the use of shoutcast MP3 streaming.

About the PERFORM Act []

As an American, I am concerned with the erosion of our civil rights by misguided legislation. Maybe you feel the same way. It is our responsibility to inform our representatives and senators. They need to understand that these kinds of proposals do not represent the best interests of American citizens. I encourage you, streamripper users, to take up the pen. The EFF links above can be used to send an email to your representative. Use them! Want to send a letter or make a phone call? Even better.

Together, we can stop these bills from becoming law. Thanks!
   News 2006/03/06      Ogg/vorbis support   
As of version 1.61.18, ogg/vorbis streams are now fully supported. This includes support both song splitting and the relay server.

Please be aware of certain caveats. (1) Other ogg streams, such as ogg/theora or ogg/speex, may not work properly. (2) The parsing rules are not yet implemented for ogg streams. (3) There may be gaps in the sequence numbers of the ogg pages, which could cause problems playing them in certain players.
   News 2005/11/12      Version 1.61.16   
Version 1.61.16 is now released. This version includes a new feature, the ability to rip from external metadata. It can be used for recording streams that do not send artist or title information using metadata, but instead send this information using other means. For example, some streams update the current artist and title using html or xml. Another example is icecast 1.x, which sends metadata through a UDP socket.

Streamripper can get artist and title information from these kinds of streams using a helper application, specified using the -E option. The helper application needs to find the title and artist info, and write it to stdout. Streamripper reads the stdout of the helper program, and uses it to split the tracks accordingly.

The example below is a helper application, written in perl, that can be used to fetch external metadata from an xml file on a remote web site.

#! /usr/bin/perl
# This is an example script that sends external metadata to streamripper.
# It implements an external program that:
#   1) Fetches a web page
#   2) Searches the web page for the artist and title information
#   3) Sends the information to streamripper on stdout
# To use this script:
#   streamripper URL -E "perl this_script META_URL"
use LWP::Simple;
$url = $ARGV[0];

while (1) {
    # Fetch xml file at location $url
    my $content = get $url;

    # Get the artist and title
    if ($content =~ m/title="(.*)" artist="(.*)"/) {
        $title = "TITLE=$1\n";
        $artist = "ARTIST=$2\n";
        $end_of_record = ".\n";
        $meta_data = $title . $artist . $end_of_record;
        # Send to streamripper
        syswrite (STDOUT, $meta_data, length($meta_data));
    sleep (10);

This new feature is available on all versions: unix, windows and winamp.
   News 2005/10/16      Forum upgrade II   
Sourceforge wants all the projects to move to their new MySQL 4.1 server by the end of November. Therefore, I upgraded the forum this Sunday.

If you can't post, or anything else seems wrong with the forum, please send me an email.
   News 2005/09/20      Version 1.61.13   
Version 1.61.13 is now available for unix and windows.

This version includes a substantial change in the design of the internal buffer and relay server. The new relay server uses less memory per client, and supports burst-on-connect.

In addition, this version fixes several problems with the mp3 frame parsing code. Streamripper no longer chops the mp3 frames, and it now performs silence detection at a much higher granularity.

I expect a few rough edges on this version, so please help out by reporting new bugs to the forum or the sourceforge tracker.

   News 06/28/2005      New features in 1.61.9   
The latest version, 1.61.9, is now available for unix (windows version coming soon). It has two new feature that might be of interest.

The first feature is that now you can design rules for choosing which files to save, and which files to discard. This is done by including extra rules in the parse_rules.txt file (specified by the -w flag). If the metadata matches a regular expression pattern, the song can be saved or discared. The following examples may illustrate the point:

# Exclude tracks that contain the given expression
# The leading "m" says this is a match rule
# The trailing "x" means that the track should not be saved (excluded)

# Save tracks that contain the given expression
# The leading "m" says this is a match rule
# The trailing "s" means that the track should be saved

# The first m//e, m//s or m//x rule that matches determines the
# action that is performed. If none match, then by default the file
# will be saved. If you prefer having the default being that the
# files aren't saved, include the following as the last rule

The rules are parsed in order, and the first matching rule will be used. Thanks to Albert Bachmann for this new feature!

The second new feature is pattern substitution for output file name formatting. This is done by using the -D flag together with an output pattern. The following patterns can be used:

%S Stream
%A Artist
%T Title
%a Album
%D Date and time (per song)
%d Date and time (per execution)
%q Sequence number (automatic detection)
%Nq Sequence number (starting from number N)
%% Percent sign

The following usage examples will illustrate how to use the -D flag:

# Save files as Stream/Artist - Title.mp3 (this is the default)
streamripper URL -D "%S/%A - %T"

# Save files as above, but with sequence numbers (same as -q)
streamripper URL -D "%S/%q_%A - %T"

# Save files as Stream/Artist/Title.mp3
streamripper URL -D "%S/%A/%T"

   News 05/08/2005      Forum upgrade complete   
The new forum is now in place. Please don't use the old forum any more. You can find the new forum here:

Streamripper Forum

   News 05/07/2005      Forum upgrade   
Some time soon, probably tomorrow (Sunday afternoon EST), I will shut down the openbb-based forum and bring the new forum one on-line. The forum will be unavailable for an hour or so while I migrate over the posts.

Wish me luck.
   News 04/23/2005      Recent updates   
The most recent update, 1.61.8, is now available. This version should fix most of the compile and runtime problems for BSD, OSX and Solaris. Together with this release, I wrote up a little matrix describing for which operating systems I was able to get streamripper to compile. Send me a note to update this matrix as needed.

The System Compatibility Matrix

I guess many of you have noticed our recent problems with the relay stream. Finally, I think the situation is stable as of 1.61.7 or higher. If your client supports buffering, set the buffer size large enough (I use 48kB), and you shouldn't hear any skipping. However, clients that do not have buffering capabilities, such as mpg321, will need to use an earlier version such as 1.60.6. Or, if you are clever, you can use the -a option to stream to a file, and then point your client to that.

The final solution to the problem of clients that don't buffer is to perform "burst-on-connect". This is what shoutcast and newer versions of icecast do. However, this require a more complex internal buffering scheme than streamripper currently has. Furthermore, there are two related (but seemingly unrelated) issues that also can be solved using a more complex buffering scheme: relay server for ogg streams and the chopping of mp3 frames. Therefore, improvements the interal buffering code will be an important part of the next few releases.
   News 11/22/2004      Finished download page   
Just to let you know, I've finished the migration of historic versions to sourceforge file release system. You now can download the latest version from the sourceforge summary page, or older versions from the sourceforge files page.

Also, I've released version 1.61.1 for windows, so try that out and let me know how you like it. Unfortunately you won't be able to set regular expression rules in the plugin version, but internally it is using the default rules.

Finally, I'm moving my apartment next weekend, and will be in and out of contact for a while. To all you streamripper veterans out there: please help out on answering forum questions while I'm gone. Thanks!
   News 11/13/2004      At long last, a new version...   
A new version of streamripper is now available for unix users (the windows version will be along soon). The main new feature in this version is metadata parsing using regular expressions. Why is this important? It's important because it gives you precise control over how streamripper interprets what goes into the title and artist fields.

Just to whet your appitite, here is an example of the regular expression parsing that is now supported:

# Ignore metadata that begins with "A suivre"
# The leading "m" says this is a match rule
# The trailing "e" means drop the metadata
m/^A suivre:/e

# Strip off anything like "- Mp3Pro" from the end of the string
# The leading "s" says this is a substitution rule
# The trailing "i" means case insensitive matching

# Strip off something like "- " from the beginning of the string

# This is the normal parsing rule: "Artist - Title"
# The trailing "A1" means that the artist (A) matches subpattern 1
# The trailing "T2" means that the title (T) matches subpattern 2

# This is slightly different parsing rule: "Artist, Title"

I hope you get the idea. Use the -w flag to tell streamripper which file contains your parsing rules.

Download 1.61.1 here

Also, you may have noticed that I'm attempting to migrate over to the sourceforge file release management system. All the historic unix releases are already there. Windows releases will be there some time next week. The main reason for doing this is that it will be easier for me to maintain than our current web-based download system, but there is also the benefit that it is mirrored worldwide.
   News 8/28/2004      Current status   
Hi all, I just wanted to give you an update on current and future plans of streamripper. I feel that the current version pretty much accomplishes what I wanted to do for version 1.61. Here is my list of planned features for version 1.62:
  • Support for ogg shoutcast streams (rfe #594504)
  • Logging and quiet modes for command line
  • Relay without writing to disk (rfe #640908)
  • Fix problems with broken frames (bug #525936)
  • Improved handling of non-ASCII characters sets
We also have some infrastructure problems that need addressed.
  • Upgrade forum software
  • Fix skin submission procedure
  • Fix web download page
Finally, a big thanks to everyone who submitted patches for the 1.60 series, including Darrick, Michael, Mike, Krellan, Marcin and Laetita.
   News 4/28/2004      Lots of new stuff!   
Thanks to Greg we have several new releases :D The most recent Streamripper version (1.60.5 (Testing)) is now available at the download page. The changes are:
  • New feature: rip to sing file using -a flag
  • Upgrade to libmad version 0.15.1b
  • Upgrade autoconf & automake
  • Fix bug with -t flag on unix
  • Fix program termination condition to exit properly on certain errors.
  • Rip streams even if they don't have an icy-name
There was also another previous release (version 1.60 (Stable)) which has been added to the download page as well. The changes in that version was:
  • Authentication code (added previously, but not in 1.55)
  • Track splitting enhancements - see readme_xfade.txt
  • Partial multibyte character support
  • Fix crashes on very long file names
  • Fix crashes on control characters in meta data
  • New flag "-t" to prevent overwriting files in the incomplete directory
  • New flag "-d" for dropping metadata changes (by Johannes Buettner)
  • Fix for "error -22 [SR_ERROR_BUFFER_EMPTY]" bug
Greg is planning the following for version 1.61:
  • Rip to single file
  • Fix for bug: Assertion failure on frameoffset != READSIZE
In addition to these releases the download page has gotten a new section for patches where you will find the multiple client relay patch for *nix systems.

Another change at the downloads page is the addition of MD5 checksums - hadn't thought of doing that here even though I do it at my personal site - thanks should go to Greg :D

Two new skins by Carsten Elste (srskin_Sony CDX-MP3 and srskin_Steal_This_Amp) as well as a skin by Dan Smith (srskin_Xterm). Check them out at the skins page :)

Some of you might have heard of a program for Mac OSX called RadioLover. I've recently received an email asking about how it can be that it is shareware while at the same time somewhat based on StreamripperX. The following is the reply email. Note that I've talked to Jon Clegg about this and also that this is an issue for the StreamripperX community and coders to decide upon. I've had no direct involvement with StreamripperX and as such the following is just my opinion:

hi there :)

thank you for bringing it up, i've looked at the RadioLover site and had a clarifying conversation with Jon Clegg and it seems the maker of RadioLover has done some prior work on the StreamripperX. However i'm not directly involved with the StreamripperX version so in a way you should ask the ones at StreamripperX and not me :)

my take on this is:
under the gnu gpl license any authors work (the code he/she contributed) is still that authors property and can be used freely by said author under any copyright license he/she chooses to (only the code said author contributed him/herself though). however, removing code released as gnu gpl is impossible (just in the same way something can't be taken out of the public domain if released into it) and as such one can get the situation with a gpl'ed product as well as a proprietary product.

i personally think it's unfortunate but (and this is the important part) as long as none of the copyright holders (programmers) who worked on StreamripperX contest any parts of the RadioLover code nothing will happen (i'm not yet a contributing programmer myself, just the acting admin for the Streamripper project).

the "solution" is of course to make a better gnu gpl'ed version :D

Speaking of mail: I've noticed that my SourceForge mail address is being used for header faking, probably someone added that address to their address book and later got infected by a virus. This is actually good! Please use my SourceForge mail address if you absolutely have to save it in any address book and be aware that absolutely none of my outgoing mail ever originates from the SourceForge address! ie. any mail you or others get from "me at sf" is an example of a faked header. Please never ever bookmark the address I use for replying. Btw I'll soon have mail encryption up and running :D

Last in this newspost I'd like to apologize for being so slow in getting these updates done. On the other hand it seems more has been happening the last two months than the entire last year - getting a "bump"-type email is a nice change in a weird way, proving the project and community is alive and kicking :)
   News 3/19/2004      A delayed skins update   
A skin by GMKrullen and several from Cheshire Cat ^..^

Btw changing the skin page and skin system is still on my todo-list after fixing the tutorial and figuring out the forum migration, i feel kinda slow lol :)
   News 3/18/2004      Prerelease of Streamripper command line version for Win32 and console version for *nix   
Gregory Sharp has released Streamripper Version 1.60 pre1! :) The files have been added to the download page, go give them a try (only for command line/console, the plugin versions will take longer). The changes are:
  • authentication code (added previously, but not in 1.55¹)
  • track splitting enhancements (read the readme_xfade.txt included in the *nix source, also available as a seperate dowload for Win32 users)
  • partial multibyte character support
  • fix crashes on very long file names
  • fix crashes on control characters in meta data
  • new flag "-t" to prevent overwriting files in the incomplete directory
You should probably consider this version to be unstable, but please try it and give Gregory Sharp your feedback. Please send any problems, comments or suggestions to the forum, or by email (address available in the "Contact" section in the menu to the right).

The readme_xfade.txt inlcuded in the *nix .tar.gz has been put up for download as a seperate file for those using the Win32 version. The contents of the readme will be worked into an updated version of the Tutorial (console) for online viewing but this will take longer than anticipated.

I'll continue working on the tutorial changes after a few skin uploads :)

¹ the version number 1.55 is a purely administrative version and not a downloadable version
   News 3/3/2004      Small FAQ update   
The FAQ has been updated with answers on Winamp 5, Ogg, single file ripping and relaying .nsv-streams.

Check out the new Streamripper skin matching the default Winamp 5 Modern skin at the skins page :)
   News 3/2/2004      At last a skin update & a new program: StationRipper   
21 new skins on the skin page :)

Some of them have waited awfully long and my guess is there's a lot more out there which didn't arrive all the way because of my mail-snafu last summer. You can now check if your skin made it through, if it didn't please send it again + have a look at the new info on skin submission at the skins page (in other words I'm now ready for any new/resubmitted skins).

I've tried to make everything correct but if you spot something wrong with a skin or info; send a mail and i'll try fixing it.

StationRipper is a new program based on Streamripper and Streamripper32. All those of you who liked Streamripper32 should check out the StationRipper page. It also has its own SourceForge project page and forums - go see (link to the StationRipper webpage is added in "Other Streamripper versions" in the menu).

There's absolutely no reason to continue using Streamripper32 (but rest assured the "normal" Streamripper plugin and console versions continue development here) :)
   News 3/1/2004      New developer and new acting project administrator   
Welcome to Gregory Sharp our new developer :)

His short term plan is a new version of Streamripper with:
  • track splitting enhancements
  • multibyte character support
  • fix crashes on very long file names
  • luria's patch for relay to multiple clients
  • ejViNjdbkcg='s patch for improved authentication
  • BeyondLogic's patch for overwriting incomplete files
As you've probably all noticed there hasn't been any new postings here in a while. Nobody seems to have been able to reach Jon Clegg so I filed a sourceforge request for support which ended up in a project takeover (noderunner-n54 (me) is now acting project administrator). It's a friendly takeover to ensure that the project doesn't die. I hope Jon Clegg is alive and well, and that he'll reappear later on. Jon Clegg is still listed as a project administrator and is welcome to take back control at any time.

My short term plan is to:
  • migrate the Streamripper forum from using openBB to phpBB powered with mySQL (if anyone has experience with this I would be grateful for any help). The forum is in a mess and this is the best solution imo
  • update the skins page so as to make it clear who will have to resubmit (due to my mail address being wrong), and figure out a better solution for the skins part of this site
With this news-post:
  • my mail-address is now correct, please don't resubmit/submit new skins until further notice here (it will appear within the week)
  • Jon Cleggs address is kept in the "Contact" list (in the menu to the right) even though he seems unreachable (his address has been changed to the sourceforge address)
  • the information on submitting skins has been updated (at the skins page)
  • the FAQ has been updated
  • moved most of the old news to "History" (thinking about splitting up the History-page into several smaller pages, it's getting big)
Also: the sub-project Streamripper32 is now considered "dead", but its webpage will still be accessible. I strongly encourage people to use the normal version of Streamripper instead (either the plug-in or the command prompt version).
   News 5/18/2003      The forum is back!   
The forum is now back online, thankfully I had a backup made a little while ago : )
   News 5/16/2003      The forum is down!   
We're aware that the forum has gone down and are working at restoring it (it will probably be up again this weekend).
   News 3/31/2003      Many new skins   
Just in case people hasn't noticed; during this month we've gotten many new skins up on the skins page.

A big thank you to every skinner out there!

If you feel left out (skin missing) or have a new one, please use the link on the skins page.
   News 3/8/2003      Correct Template File   
I can't believe nobody stopped to bitch at me about this! (And I can't believe I didn't notice this!) The file that was uploaded for the template did not include the Photoshop document. While it's not the end of the world per se, it's not a good thing, especially since I took a long time making that thing all colour coded and marked up and stuff. Blah!
Anyway, if it turns you on, feel free to download what should've been there in the first place (from the skins page). Kudos to Jeremy-Chad Pulcifer for managing to use the flattened version to make his skin.
Finally, don't expect me to update every day. I've just been doing a little maintainence since I got my hard drives back after a terrible hard drive controller failure and finding an email in my inbox about the aforementioned skin. (Don't buy FastTrak SX4000 controllers. Ever. I'm serious. You'll just be in pain. Get a 3ware 7500-4 instead. Or upgrade to Serial ATA. Just don't get an SX4000.)
   Colin [Colin's e-mail address]   
   News 3/7/2003      A Better Winamp2-esque Skin   
Jeremy-Chad Pulcifer, the Webmaster for Roane State Community College, has sent in a new skin that is an exact replica of the default Winamp2 skin. Check it out on the skins page.

update: it's actually online now. someone email Jon and tell him to change the chmod on all the group files to g+w!
   Colin [Colin's e-mail address]   
   News 2/22/2003      New Site Design   
So noderunner made a new design for the site, I think it rules.

   News 1/23/2003      Hello   
Hey no update for quite a while huh? Well the short story is since my new job I've been working like a slave and when I get home from work I'm not much in the mood. Hopefully I can get some weekend warrior shiznat going on so we can have some new code to show.

But just to think out loud some more, here is my current stack of ideas and stuff that should go into the streamripper.
  • General improvements: cleanup makefiles, remove all threading; it's stupid, remove callback system; it's also stupid. Add 'rip as one file' feature, and if feeling ambitious, try to make a 'rip this track now' feature.
  • General updates: add all submitted skins to the site (does anyone want to maintain this?), update FAQ, make canned responses for all the questions people send, like "where did streamripper go?", and the like.
p.s. check out this conversation between Doctor V and my main name Noderunner (dude you rule), interesting stuff on the whole SR vs. John Law issue.
   News 12/01/2002      Streamripper Skinning Template   
Created a template for skinning Streamripper and added it to the skins page.
Oh, and just for the record, Winamp3 sucks.
Finally, YES, I know the template is ugly. Function over form, okay?
   Colin [Colin's e-mail address]   
   News 10/14/2002      Stuff   
I've been busy, I landed a job but now need to move. I added a new link to the links page, it's for Osiris's site Paranormal Online, check it out.
   News 9/26/2002      Someone asked for the console version   
   News 9/19/2002      Yes, crack = good   
I don't even want to talk about it.

Download Streamripper for Winamp2.x v1.54 here
   News 9/17/2002      New stuff   
I done fucked up, the last rev had a bug that made Winamp and Streamripper crash whenever the browse for folder thing in the Options dialog was opened. This was actually related to the "can't create file" fix, anyway, it's fixed in both the WA2 and WA3 version.

There has been a small change to the 2.x plugin as it now uses the new school nullsoft installer. I think it's better, it's also a lot closer to the WA3 installer, so if I ever get around to merging the two and having a single install for both it would be easier.

Download Streamripper for Winamp2.x v1.53 here
Download Streamripper for Winamp3 v1.53 here
   News 9/15/2002      New stuff   
Good news, new version of Streamripper! Now 1.52!!! The only thing fixed is the SR_ERROR_CANT_CREATE_FILE bug that has plagued Streamripper. However there is a new Winamp3 installer so that should help some of you.

Download Streamripper for Winamp2.x v1.52 here
Download Streamripper for Winamp3 v1.52 here

Hopefully later on we can make a single installer for both.

(Note: you need to click on the SR icon in the "thinger" if you're using Winamp3)

(Update) Streamripper in french now available
   News 9/9/2002      Um.. that's WAC   
Super beta release of Streamripper for Winamp3 here. It's not really tested at all, but let me know what doesn't work.

To install copy the sripper.wac file into your Winamp3/wac directory.

   News 9/6/2002      New Skin   
Got a new skin in today:Cédric's XP Skin [srskin]

Stuff that needs to get done:
  • Winamp3 port - a simple one should be pretty easy, a real "Winamp3" one would be hard, me thinks the easy one will get done first
  • Release/fix *nix versions
   News 8/27/2002      Winamp3   
I've been getting some emails as of late about Winamp3 support. I've looked over some of the SDK stuff and can't make a whole lot of sense out of it, most of the SDK doc's seem to be about making skins. Either way you can use the Winamp plugin in Winamp3 with the Winamp 2.x plugin thing for Winamp3.

Hopefully in the future there will be a real Winamp3 plug-in, however I do not know when. I've been busy (lazy) with other things as of late, if anyone wants to take this up I would greatly appreciate it.
   News 7/17/2002      FAQ++ and StreamripperX   
Ruffnex did it again with a new version of StreamripperX, this one is looking REALLY good, plus he was able to use the latest CVS Unix code (that I still haven't released) so it should split tracks much better; right now I really wish I had a Mac so I could use it.

Also I finally got around to updating the FAQ, hopefully that will answer some questions.
   News 7/11/2002      No news   
So yeah, I haven't logged in for a while, so I thought I would pop up and say high, hello.

Anyway, nothing new with Streamripper, the latest rev seemed to go over pretty well, some people still have random crashes related to the 'get track into' stuff, if you have problems remember to use the 'do it the old way' option.

The biggest todo right now is updating the FAQ, I'm getting a lot of questions about the same thing, so I really need to do that, also the backport to Unix was almost done during the last binge but I never got around to releasing it, if anyone wants to poke into the CVS and make sure it compiles and works under Linux/FreeBSD/OSX I'll be very happy.
   News 5/29/2002      Euro Love   
Update from the french guys again, they have SR 1.51 in french.

Also,, a german site informs me that SR 1.51 got 6/6 at their website, therefore entitling me to some type of award, woot.
   News 5/23/2002      Hmm   
Looks like some strange bug showed up in the last rev dealing with SomaFM's Groove Salad. I could not repro it under my build condition, but the problem seems to have gone away, due to the fact I really really hate streamripper crashing I am hastily replacing the last version with this one, Streamripper for Winamp 1.51.

I also added an option to change the way Streamripper retrieves the currently selected track from Winamp, the new way added in 1.32 causes some peoples Winamp's to crash. So if you're having a problem go to the options dialog and select the "get track info the old way" check box.
   News 5/22/2002      New version, need work   
Today we have Streamripper for Winamp 1.50, new features include:
  • All new and improved silence detection, from my tests it appears to separate tracks much better than the old version
  • New skin browser, a new tab in the option dialog now lets users change and preview other skins at run time. So grab some skins from the skin page and check them out
  • More random minor bug fixes
   News 5/21/2002      StreamripperX   
Looks like we have another OSX version, this one is based of the library instead of just the console app, and looks pretty good. Check it out at the StreamripperX website
   News 5/14/2002      New Skin   
Not much has been going on, but we did get a new skin in, so here it is below.

Jek's Skin [srskin]

   News 4/15/2002      New Skins   
Three new skins for Streamripper, some were submitted a while ago, I just didn't get around to posting them. Also don't forget to download the new Streamripper for Winamp 1.32 and Streamripper for *nix (linux/freebsd/OSX)

TLi's XPAmp11 [srskin | Winamp skin]

Jason Hygaard's Monkey Radio Skin [srskin | Winamp skin]

Jerome David's Skin for Escalate [srskin | Winamp skin]

   News 4/14/2002      Unix ported back, and new Win32 version   
Amazingly enough this weekend I ported back the code to Unix and it all "seems" to work, what I mean by this is that it appears to work, it has not been heavily tested at all. Either way the code can now be patched from the users as the code is up to date with the Win32 branch.

The downloads are available from the download page. And here:

Streamripper 1.32 for *nix (FreeBSD/Linux/OSX)
Streamripper 1.32 for Winamp
   News 3/13/2002      Update   
There have been some fixes to put into 1.32, little things. It should be coming a long sometime soon, maybe this weekend. However work has been busy as hell recently, so who knows. The changes are:
  • No longer has to access the HD to find out what Winamp is playing.
  • Understands Icecast headers (less NOT_SHOUTCAST_STREAM crap)
  • Fix some filename length problems so people get less CANT_CREATE_FILE errors
   News 2/21/2002      FAQ   
Updated the FAQ, two burning questions finally answered.
   News 2/15/2002      Streamripper && OSX   
Once again giving the big props, this time to Mike Bombich who made StreamCatcher. I thought it looked so nice that I'm putting the picture smack in the middle of the front page, as you can see below.

[picture courtesy of glenbo, and his fabulous macs]
   News 1/28/2002      Nucleo   
Big props to Colin Snover for making this Nucleo skin for streamriper.

To install download this wsz file and this srskin.
   News 1/28/2002      1.31   
Made a new release based of the last patch, I did do a double check to make sure it seems to be working correctly and hopefully I didn't miss anything. Thank you very much for the kind feedback and support, it really helps.

You can download 1.31 here.

Remember if you're having any problems or have a question that needs answering; try the forum first.
   News 1/13/2002      I'm stupid   
I forgot that most people won't have debug builds of microsofts c++ runtime librarys and gave everyone a debug build of the dll, my bad, here is a release build. Let me know!
   News 1/12/2002      One patch to rule them all   
A few people have clued me into a VERY BAD bug I left in 1.30 regarding the track seperation not working after the first song. Download this file and replace it with your gen_sripper.dll file in the 'Winamp\Plugins' directory. Please let me know if it works or not before I make another release.

NOTE: PLEASE tell me what stream you were trying if anything goes wrong. Otherwise I have no way to reproduce the problem, thanks.
   News 12/24/2001      Merry christmas   
New 1.30 love, download here

Also the source is available here, read 'How to compile (Win32)' if you need help.
   News 12/11/2001      Nullsoft?   

Well, it seems that SHOUTcast servers are now blocking streamripper, this is a pickle and worries me. However for now, just download 1.30b and enable the 'fake winamp' option. it'll tell the server that it's Winamp - everything will work fine.

In the meantime I may have to talk to my friends over at Nullsoft.
   News 12/06/2001      I like software where stuff blows up   
Streamripper for Winamp 1.30b is out, download here.

This is a BETA release, If it blows up, locks, does something bad, etc.. please tell me.

Quick list of the changes:
  • Added option to never overwrite files in the incomplete directory
  • UserAgent fix for picky streams (fakes winamp)
  • Fix for "INVALID_TRACK_SEPARATION" message.
  • Options dialog now has tabs w/ WinXP look and feel (if you have XP)
  • Proxy field now understands auth (user:pass@server:port) format.
  • Pretty massive changes to handling of threads, might use slightly less CPU usage under windows, should use MUCH less under *nix (once the *nix backport is done)
  • Fixed incomplete to main directory file copying
   News 11/13/2001      New version coming soon   
It'll probably be 1.30b, changes include a rework of some threading issues to fix problems on the Unix side, track overwriting stuff and some bug fixes. I could probably try to get another feature or two in there. Vote here or forever hold your peace.
   News 10/26/2001      OMFG!!!   
Hey, what happened to the update I did yesterday?? er.. stupid Sourceforge. Anyway NEW FANTASTIC FORUMS!! Oh Boy!!!
   News 10/25/2001      Frenchy   
The french port of Streamripper is available (and has been for a while), get it here
   News 10/20/2001      Ultimate BB died   
No new updates on that forum dingy, I think at this point the best thing to do would be to just hammer on Sourceforges door until I can get mysql to work and setup one of those new fangled db based fourms..

Ok, actually fixed the Streamripper listings (big props for Jim Stanley) which prompted me to actually get back to work on it, so far I fixed circa 10 bugs but also intruduced 100 or so new ones, so it might be a little while.

Oh and by the way, Buhahaha.
   News 10/4/2001      Ultimate BB died   
For some reason the forum died, it seems that a good deal of the important files somehow disapeared. I have no idea how this happened, and unfortantly I'm not sure how to get it back.

If anyone has a copy of ultimate bulletin board handy I could use it as a reference on how to remake some of it, in the mean time I'm going to redirect the forum to the Sourceforge forum and look into finding someting else.
   News 9/28/2001      Yak   
Sigh... It's very sad, and I hate myself for it, but I'm getting very very sick of repeating the same answers to questions about Streamripper. "Does it work with.WMA files", "what's this about live365?" etc... It's getting to a point where I take a few days to 'feel' like responding to the email, and then it's a very short and terse; I want to be nice, I guess my patience isn't there anymore.

To combat the problem (slightly) I updated the FAQ, I only added a few things because I realized that 90% of the questions are answered right there; I did move "does it work with windows media" right to the top though. The fact is that people don't read the FAQ, they email me - oh well at least they're nice about it.

Another torn in my ass is, while I appreciate their free listing and publicity, they've changed their submission scheme around to something called, which apparently is broken because I can't get them to update Streamripper. It's been updated twice since then and still no word. I've tried email, submitting it again, everything I can think of short of showing up at their office and demanding they update their listings.

   News 9/20/2001      Ideas   
Not much has been going on, I've been getting less and less email about problems, except about the overwriting track thing... but I was thinking about some other things too... like having a 'sweet track' button on Streamripper, so that when you hear a track that you like you could have it moved somewhere else (like a 'sweet' directory, or something). Also maybe the idea where you only rip sweet tracks... all of these have to do with the filelib stuff... so it should be pretty self contained... I think... maybe.

Anyway, thats all for now.
   News 8/21/2001      Thanks for the mail   
Ok, shout-out time, the following people rule for helping out and contributing: And with that we have a new version: Streamripper-1.2.6. It includes...
  • Removes Winamp UserAgent stuff
  • Added user optional host name stuff for relay servers, as lots of people were having trouble connecting to it
  • Reconnect stuff fixed from 1.2.5
  • I think I fixed the overwriting track stuff... at least I removed something really retarded from the source
   News 8/11/2001      Rev woops   
Oddsock forwarded me a mail from Tom Pepper of Nullsoft which included the words "pack of lawyers, User-Agent and Bad"… basically he wants Streamripper to not tell/lie 'shoutcast servers' its winamp, rather something else. Also I noticed a bug in 1.25 where if the stream drops it won't auto-reconnect (doh!).

The fixes are in CVS but being that it's 4:25am and making a new release is a pain in my arse I'm going to wait till tomorrow (maybe later)... Also I might find something else to fix.
   News 8/4/2001      Your kidding right?   
Ya, I know, you thought it wouldn't happen, we'll you we're wrong! That's right, a new version of Streamripper, 1.2.5! (woot) is out, included w/ this release is:
  • Added optional sequence numbers to output of files (i.e. 01-track.mp3 02-track.mp3)
  • Limit rips by max MB!
  • Now compiles under MacOSX
  • Oddsock's nifty ID3 stuff
Download it here. Also made a list of skins at the download page. Got a new one in that isn't a skin for Streamripper, but a skin for Winamp - kinda neat.
   News 7/17/2001      Erm   
It's coming along... my computer works now (thanks for the mail).

Since there is nothing new maybe people missed that killer skin that makes streamripper look like Winamp

Check it out.
   News 7/10/2001      Progress   
I'm about half way done w/ the new Streamripper. I decided to scrap the current dung-pile and make something cleaner. The new system is plugin based, um.. woot.

Unfortunately I haven't written a line in the last week, my computer fried itself and I've since been trying to get an Abit KT7-RAID/SBLive/Gforce2 MX combo to work right.. for the most part it works but my HD access is slower than it should be... so it goes on... also I've been getting into AO. If you're in give me a tell, my name is 'HettyLamar' (ya, I play a chick.. they're just too hot).
   News 6/19/2001      I'm on da list   
Ok, ok. I hear you. I have now made a list of stuff people want. I'm posting it here, not only to let yall know what is planned, but also so I remember:
  • Add optional sequence numbers to output of files (i.e. 01-track.mp3 02-track.mp3)
  • Make the incomplete directory optional from the filelib
  • On a reconnect make sure we don't overwrite stuff in the incomplete directory, instead append a number like "trackfuck-2.mp3"
  • Add a timer, rip for x min/hours or for x MB
  • Have seperate handlers for title-streaming/non-title streaming servers
  • Check out why KCRW doesn't work
  • Figure out whats up with OpenBSD
  • Remove/fix the rotate file stuff
  • Maybe plugins
  • Improve silence detection
  • Rips as one big ugly fungly file
If I missed anything mail me about it. Also: I COULD USE HELP! I have other things in my life (like a full time job and a girlfriend), if you really really want any of these just go ahead and do them, send me the diff and if it doesn't suck I'll add it to the source. It really helps me out, anyway.
   News 6/12/2001      Anyone speak french?   
Got an update from my "french connection" they updated 1.24 in french, you can d/l it here.

Oddsock has been working on some ID3 stuff for the next release, also a got some patches from Mike Liang that I've added to the source. What does this mean? Real honest to godness new features for the next release. I don't know when, shouldn't be too long.
   News 6/5/2001      mpglib n' 1.0.4 for *nix   
Got that pesky mpglib problem fixed... well sort of, I basicly just went back to an older version of mpglib and it seemed to work ok. Anyway, you can download it here or at the download section.
   News 6/3/2001      Linux, Darwin and FreeBSD   
After many many hours of pain, attempting to install Darwin and RedHat 5.2 from my old FreeBSD 3.4 NAT I now have RedHat 7.0 proudly humming as my NAT/Firewall. what the fuck is it with iptables replacing ipchains? I thought ipfw was the shit.. anyway.

I've also been reading "rebel code, the story of linux and open source development". One thing that struck me is that Linus commented his code pretty well, got me to thinkin I should probably comment my code a little better, so last weekend I spent a few hours and put a few more comments in there, mainly rip_mananger.c and streamripper.c. You'll need to get them via CVS to check them out. It got me thinking more about how I need a good plugin system, I have some ideas, we'll see.
   News 5/30/2001      "Certain company"   
A "certain company" put a large string in one of there HTML files that reads:

// DEFINITION clegg n - large swift fly the female of which sucks blood of various animals [syn horsefly, cleg, horse fly]

repeated about 100 times. They did this to overrun a buffer in my html parsing code, that's why Streamripper crashes. The new version does not allow "certain company" ripping because they threatend to sue me if I didn't take it out.

They didn't need to make Streamripper crash, as a matter of fact since the version that removes "certain company" ripping the old version stopped working with "certain company" anyway (they had changed their HTML code around slightly). I guess they did it to make Streamripper look bad by crashing.

p.s. I'm forwarding this to the mailing list, I've been getting a lot of mail about this.
   News 5/29/2001      Sourceforge suckness   
Sourceforge got hax0red last week, since then the shell accounts have been down. I've been unable to update the page, and for some reason the forum has lost all it's posts. I don't know why, I'll try to find out. Currently my focus has been on "plugin-ability", windows media and real ripping, these are both hard and will take a while, so don't expect much of anything besides bug fixes for a while, maybe something for, but that's it.

Streamripper will be included in a german book called "MP3 for fun" or something, I forget the title. Anyway, cool to see it getting around. I've also been getting a lot of mail about how Streamripper doesn't seem to work with Live365 anymore, arg..
   News 5/19/2001      New stuff   
Fixed an annoying bug where having two Winamp's open caused a message box to pop up with "shit, this shouldn't happen"... well it did. Anyway, it is now fixed. Also there is a special pixel in the skin bmp's that will be used for the font color, I did this because I have now had three skins for streamripper submitted to me. All of which could have really used to not have a dark gray font color.

You can download 1.24 here

Also check out these skins!
Makes Streamripper look like winamp (five stars!)
Very hot chick named jose
Makes Streamripper look like winamp (sorta)

To "install" these skins rename them to "srskin.bmp" in your 'Winamp\Plugins' folder, you might want to backup the default srskin to something else.

EXTRA: just added a console version for win32! It's barely tested, but seems to work.
   News 5/15/2001      Day of reconing   
No more live365 support in Streamripper. So the new version today is 1.2.3, download it if you felt bad for stealing music.
   News 5/8/2001      Eh... has an interesting article about Streamripper,, and stream music law in general, it's worth a read. Note that I am a little missquoted :)

Btw, if any of you are interested in the source code (which is also on the cvs) you can just download it here. It's just a dump of the CVS. A good deal of the projects don't even compile anymore... /winamp_plugin is my winamp plugin, Streamripper32 is oddsock's stand alone client, and /lib is the core library (which has the live365info.c).
   News 5/7/2001      Eh...   
Ok, Streamripper will no longer have live365 ripping after May 16th. Whatever, most people didn't use it much anyway. In other news I have been working more on code than Counter Strike, so I may have something new for yall... maybe, right now it's a prototype that crashes every 30 seconds... heh.
   News 4/28/2001      FUCK has decided that I am a bad person. First they sent me this cease and desist letter. Then to make sure I "felt" it they shutdown my dad's stream.

What the fuck do I do? If you have any suggestions help me out here.
   News [4/22/2001]      Umm.. more stuff   
Re-patched the Unix version today, which includes the fix for ripping. Also got mail from the french zine with a copy of the french version. You can download the new Unix version here, and if you want the french version click here.
   News 4/20/2001      Big In Europe   
Thats right, Streamripper is a hit in Poland and France. I just got word that Streamripper will be included in the next months issue of "French PCmagazine, Programmez". Also a few weeks ago I got notice about the inclusion in "PC World Komputer". Weird, now if it could just get big in the states.
   News 4/19/2001      Patchy release   
Got off my ass today and updated the install. It took about 10 min to make, then I spent an hour trying to upload it everywhere and getting Sourceforges freakin shitty ass release system to work. I also made the X button look like a - button... a lot of people thought it would close Streamripper, heh.
   News 4/10/2001      Patchy patchy   
Well it took far less time then I thought it would, (about 5 minutes) to patch Streamripper for live365's new crap-o-la. Actually they just cleaned up their HTML a bit and it messed up my parser. Anyway, get the patch here. All you have to do is replace your gen_sripper.dll in your 'Winamp\Plugins' folder. Mail me if it works for you, or not. I'll patch the install shortly if all goes well.
   News 4/7/2001      Doh   
Well it looks like the law finally caught up with me. Live365 sent me some mail about not liking my app to much (I have more about this in the forums). Also Streamripper no longer seems to work with I'm in Baton Rouge right now, when I get back I'll try to make a patch.
   News 3/27/2001      Sabbatical   
Been doing NOTHING for the last 2 weeks, it's been pretty nice. I've also gotten a good deal better at Counter Strike. Starting to think about doing something again, though I don't know if it'll be Streamripper. If I do get back to it I'll probably try to add windows media and realaudio ripping... seems to be the biggest request.

Of course I'm always up for someone else to work on that, anyone, anyone?
   News 3/15/2001      New release, same stuff   
Released sripper-1.2.1. Same as the old one, but with the patch, have fun.
   News 3/13/2001      Yummie, Patch Time   
Ok I have a patch for the SHGetSpecialFolderPath bug, download it here, let me know if it helps. If everything works out I'll make a new release.
   News 3/12/2001      Err...   
Some people might get a nasty message about SHGetSpecialFolderPathA. If you get this on an old win95 box update your version of IE, from looking at the code I would think it should still work, but it hasn't for some people. Otherwise use the old one, there are links from the download page. I'll try to resolve the problem soon.
   News 3/11/2001      New version released!   
Well after long hype and much talk, I have decided to release the new version of Streamripper, as said before not much new functionality. However it does look much nicer. There's also other little tweeks, like the Winamp docking, using xaudio to improve stability... and some other stuff. Anyways enough talk, you can download it here.

Woops... almost forgot to thank Bob for coming through with the systray icon, thanks Bob!!
   News 3/07/2001   
Well another week and still no new Streamripper... I know, I've been lazy. But some progress has been made... last weekend I got a bug up my ass to make it "dock" with Winamp, it more or less works, not perfectly, but well enough. Also I got an icon for it, so what needs to be done? Well nothing but some basic testing. I need to make a fresh install of win95, see if it works, test it on my win98 box, etc... if nothing seems to blow up I'll release it... shouldn't be more then a week or two.

If any of you actually go to the Sourceforge project page you'll notice 2 more developers, Oddsock and Isotech... Oddsock has made his own GUI called Streamripper32, it's pretty cool. Isotech made some new graphics for the page and (says) he's working on a GDK version, we'll see what happens.

In other news I've been getting sick of really lame emails about why doesn't Streamripper work with RealPlayer, or Musicmatch, or how do I reboot my computer... really lame stuff. If you are lame, and have a lame question PLEASE post it to the mailing list. Or if you are to lame to do that, post it to the forum (there is a link in the menu).
   News 2/26/2001   
The forum section now has something on it. It's not really what I wanted, but it'll do for now.

Latest news in the icon saga... I made an icon I liked... then found out systray icons have to be 16 colors... 16 really ugly colors. So, soon, but not today.
   News 2/21/2001   
All done with the next Streamripper. Things that have changed are as follows:
  • New interface (woop), not only does it look better, but you can now have it sit in your systray, much less intrusive
  • Adds finished tracks to the Winamp playlist
  • Sends anonymous usage data to this page... don't worry, you can turn it off if you want to. I hope to provide some stats, "Top ripped streams" and so forth... or at least as soon as Sourceforge gives my freakin mysql database (mumble grumble)
Only reason I haven't released it yet is because I suck at making 16x16 icons. I can't reckon what the tray icon should look like. As soon as that's figured out it'll be out. A friend of mine said he would do one about 3 weeks ago, but I haven't heard anything since... doh.
   News 2/17/2001   
I'm about to release the new version of Streamripper, the one with the new skin. I'm still thinking I might sneak a new feature or two in first, I'll see how I feel. Also Streamripper got featured at, generating an impressive 3000 downloads in about a week, not too shabby.
   News 2/15/2001   
Almost done with the next version, it features a new interface, that's all. Until a few weeks ago I knew nothing of how to do anything in Photoshop, so it took me a while to make it look decent.

Hopefully the next version can have some more usefull features, I was just really sick of it looking like crap.
   News 2/11/2001   
Been lazy as of late, got the new interface half done, then got reprimanded for borrowing (stealing) someone else's look (which was true), so I'm back to making a new interface. So far I haven't made anything I like. If you want to help out send me one; base it off the current winamp plug-in as that what's I'm planning to use.

Other than that, I would like to thank everyone for their support and interest, keep it up :)
   News 2/5/2001   
Still working on the new version of Streamripper (Win32). The new interface is coming along, it's one of those slicked out new sk00l looking thingys, with hot tracking buttons, and OSX rip off Look and Feel(tm).

There's a Photoshop file I've been working with in CVS, check it out. It is skinnable, but you'd have to rename a bmp file currently. If enough people want to make skins for it I'll put some type of skin manager in there.
   News 1/30/2001   
Streamripper for Winamp got featured at, also got a mail about it showing up at Good deal.

Features I'm currently working on...
  • New smaller, sleeker interface
  • Adding finshed tracks to Winamp's playlist
  • Quitting after x amount of time (this is already in the CVS for the Unix version, it might not make it into the windows port)
   News 1/28/2001   
Blasted Austin rain. Yesterday it was beautiful, today I may as well be in Seattle. Bahh..

Oh yeah, I just put together the FAQ, you'll see a link in the menu. I'll be putting up a forum as soon as Sourceforge gets me a database. I think they're undergoing some type of "bong smoking" competition as half of their freakin site is broken.
   News 1/27/2001   
Just finshed porting 1.0.2 to BeOS. It's not the nice GUI'd app I would like it to be, but the BeOS developer resources are so freakin out of date I couldn't find one freakin sample that would compile. Anyway, you can download it here.
   News 1/26/2001   
  • Tried to spam the Winamp plugin on all the top windows shareware sites, nothing listed yet
  • Just submited a bug to the Sourceforge bug page, would be a good idea for others to do that same, it's a decent system.
  • Discovered "Evil dildo", great freakin stream.
  • Thinking about getting a life again :)
   News 1/25/2001      2.0   
Roland Bauerschmidt made a Debian package for Streamripper, here's the mail I received for how to use it.

For Debian packages, insert the following lines into your /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb ./$(ARCH)/
deb-src ./

After that you can install the latest Debian package with
apt-get update
apt-get install streamripper
   News 1/25/2001   
Ok SR 1.0.2 is out the door, if you had a problem when it would sometimes (maybe all the time) return immediately and say something like "Error: 0 SR_SUCCESS" then hang, that's fixed. Also some other things people found; it's funny what'll happen with some weird Icecast streams.
   News 1/24/2001      2.0   
Got a good response on the new Streamripper, a few bug reports. I think I've fixed them all and I'm going to make a new tarball with the changes by tomorrow. Until then you can always get the latest via CVS

I also updated the downloads section with some mirrors, and other download locations. I heard some people were having trouble getting onto Sourceforge's ftp site.
   News 1/24/2001   
Just got the Winamp plugin for Streamripper out the door, you can download it here, hope nothing blows up...

Also if you haven't noticed this page isn't so freakin ugly anymore, still pretty ugly though. Nathan (my old roommate) is supposed make this site more pretty soon, I could really use a nice logo.

Link to Streamripper!   Link to Streamripper!   Link to Streamripper!