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Below is a list of sites you might find useful or relevant to Streamripper. It's not a complete list, just all I can think of right now, if you can think of more let me know.

Where it all started, you can download the Shoutcast server here, as well as listen to about 1000 streams.

The original less filling open source Shoutcast clone for Unix, in many ways better. They also list a few streams, been around for a few years, seems to be losing steam, should be supporting ogg vorbis streams soon (yummy). Also I must thank the authors, I have used their source as a reference many a time.

Pretty darn good Winamp clone for Unix boxes.

   mpglib/LAME project  
"Lame Ain't an Mp3 Encoder"

A powerful & easy to use free (GNU GPL) audio editor, available for most operating systems. Supports ogg, mp3, wav, and aiff formats.

Peer to peer based streaming based on the Gnutella protocol - RIAA can't touch this. Windows and Linux clients are available, and a Mac client is just around the corner.

Tout Winamp en franšaise, avec la version Ó chaque fois par le plugin StreamRipper.

Everything Winamp in french, with a rather old french version of the Streamripper plugin

In addition to these links try searching the Streamripper forum, many posts have similar links.

Links to applications based on Streamripper code can be found under Other Streamripper versions in the menu on the left.

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