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   System Compatibility Matrix   

Streamripper is only tested "rigorously" on the systems that I have at home. That means (1) Linux 2.4.29, and (2) Windows 98 SE2.

However, it is known to work on a variety of operating systems, sometimes with some limitations or workarounds required. To the best of my knowledge, streamripper works on the following systems:

System Compatibility Matrix - version 1.61.7 and higher
Operating System Limitations
Linux 2.4.29 (i386/Slackware) Works
Linux 2.6.9 (amd64/Fedora C3) Works
Linux 2.4/2.6 (11 platforms/Debian) Works (R1)
Windows 98 Works (M1)
Windows 2000 Works (M1)
FreeBSD 4.10 Works (M2,C1,C2)
Mac OSX 10.2 Works (M2,C1,C2)
Solaris 9 (Sparc) Works (M3,C3)
NetBSD 1.6.1 Status unknown (C4)
NetBSD 2.0 Works (M3,C6)
OpenBSD 3.4 Works (M2,C1,C2)
GNU hurd 0.3 Works (M3,C5)
BeOS Does not work (C4,R2)
Other systems Your input here!

Note M1: Multibyte characters support only for the system-wide regional setting. For windows 2000, set this in the control panel and restart. For windows 98, this may work for localized versions, but not with English version.

Note M2: This platform lacks a working implementation of the C99 wide character set API. Therefore, multibyte characters are not supported.

Note M3: Multibyte character support unknown.

Note C1: Compile fails for streamripper 1.61.7. Workaround by commenting out the following line from lib/config.h, after configuration is complete.
  #define HAVE_WCHAR_T 1
This is fixed in 1.61.8.

Note C2: This system doesn't like the default regular expressions shipped with streamripper. Work around by using the supplied regular expression library.
  ./configure --with-included-tre
This is fixed in 1.61.8.

Note C3: There are a few problems getting Solaris to compile for streamripper 1.61.7. Work around as described here.
This is fixed in 1.61.8.

Note C4: Streamripper requires pthreads, which are not native to this platform. It may work if you supply a third-party implementation.

Note C5: Streamripper works fine, but this platform has no native sound support.

Note C6: Some tweaks required to get it to link. Thanks to Michael Ablassmeier for this information.

1) netbsd installs its libmad to /usr/pkg/lib/, so you have to
set LDFLAGS="-L/usr/pkg/lib/" CFLAGS="-I/usr/pkg/include/"
before running ./configure (otherwise streamripper links
statically against the shipped libmad as fallback, however,
i prefer to link things shared)

2) after compiling, streamripper fails to find

# ldd streamripper
-lmad.0 => not found

i fixed this by adding /usr/pkg/lib to /etc/ and running

# ldconfig
# ldd streamripper

-lmad.0 => /usr/pkg/lib/

Note R1: Debian packages available here:

Note R2: Version 1.02 does work on BeOS.

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